The Best Boot for Fall!


SAS Delaney Boot 

Hey everyone, and happy Friday!  When it comes down to the end of August and September, I'm looking for and wearing Fall transitional! This means I'm wearing a lot of boots with dresses,  shorts, and breaking out the jackets. Because it's actually still really HOT in Alabama, I need to stay cool, but stick with the season.

I have finally found one of the best boots for fall! The SAS Delaney Boot is one of the most universal boots I've ever come across in all my fashion expeditions. You can wear this boot so many ways! I love how this boot can give an edgy feel, but also a rugged feel with the right outfit. When I put these on, I instantly feel fearless!

With smooth Italian leather (yep I said ITALIAN LEATHER), the Delaney is THE go-to bootie for this fall's lavish style.

Stretchy gore panels make this boot easy to slip on and off. In my opinion, that's a big deal! I hate boots that take me minutes to get on and off! I can kick these off in less than 5 seconds. 

The soft padded insole feels like you are walking on air. Seriously, I wore these for the entire day last week, and never got a blister, nor did my feet ever hurt or catch a cramp. The Delaney design allows for lots of extra room for my toes. The tough, rugged outsole also gives you lots of traction.  If you know about the SAS brand, they really know how to to make the most durable shoes.  I have a feeling these will be on repeat... season after season after season. 

Thank you SAS Shoes for the complimentary shoes! Happy Fall Ya'll!!

From my closest to yours, thanks for stopping by.


Candice Brown Photography


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