Holiday Gift Guide: 50 Gifts for $50 and Under

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Holiday Gift Guide: 50 Gifts for $25 and Under

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Holiday Gift Guide: 50 Gifts for $10 and Under

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Ten Reasons Why You Need a Little Black Dress for the Holiday Season


We’re all getting ready to kick off the holiday season! Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us so show yourself a little love. It’s easy to love yourself when you feel and look your best.
Don’t know what to wear to family functions, or holiday events and you don’t want to wear the cliche red dress? Wear Black!
Here are ten reasons why the color black will always make your life easier.

1.Black is the New Black
Black isn’t going anywhere. It is always going to be the quintessential go-to, classic color in your
wardrobe. It will stay for years, even decades. Black is the color that sticks through every season.

2. There are endless possibilities of ways to dress it up
Be extravagant and pair it with a gold belt. Be bold and pair it with some converse or tennis shoes. Be classic and pair it with a colorful blazer. Be edgy and pair it with a leather jacket. Pair it with some polka dotted tights to put the visual on your legs. The possibilities are endless.

3. Black makes you look thinner
A monochromatic look hides detail! Wearing black actually hides or disguises  your body contour
from different types of lighting, It actually conceals creases and folds in your body better than any other color.

4. It doesn’t stain
Spilled your coffee? No problem. Just let it dry and carry on with your day. You will never see the effects of unfortunate mishaps. 

5. It always looks “dressed up”
No matter the occasion, If you’re wearing black, you will always look just a little more dressed up than usual. There’s something magical about this color. It has an endless glamorous effect. 

6. It’s Easy
When I don’t know what to wear, nine out of ten times, I’m going for something black. It’s actually trying with out trying at all. 

7. Color is surely to POP
When you pair a color with black, it it going to shout, scream, and yell look at me...even when you wear a bright nail polish or lipstick color. Whatever the accessory, it’s going to stand out extensively more than any other color combos. 

8. It doesn’t get old.
Kind of like that PB& J sandwich  I ate everyday in high school. I haven’t taken a bite out of it until a couple of weeks ago, literally 8 years later. I had gotten so tired of it. I can’t believe we took an eight year break. I forgot how much I missed that chewy goodness.
Colors can be the same way. You can overuse colors. Recently, I have a problem with turquoise. I am using pops of turquoise in my new house, and these days it is my favorite color to wear. I am deathly afraid I’ll be getting tired of it soon. What will my wardrobe become after that? 
Black is timeless. No one gets tired of black. It’s elegant. but at the same time it's simple. Is black even a color? “Black is  the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light. It is the opposite of white the combined spectrum of color or light. It is an achromatic color, literally a color without color or hue.” Maybe that is why it has a timeless, magical aura.

9. It makes you automatically fierce
There are certain studies that show most people associate the color black with confidence. Black means business. I don’t know about you, but when I put on my back blazer jacket, I feel like an automatic CEO. You’re hired!

10. You’re an instant Audrey Hepburn
Audrey is my style icon. You’ll be having Breakfast at Tiffany’s everyday with a black ensemble. There is nothing more fabulous, classic, and sophisticated than channeling your inner Hepburn with a LBD.

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Candice Brown Photography

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My New Skin Care Routine


Hey guys! If you're a reader of my blog, you know that this summer I tried out the Jan Marini Skin Research Cellulite Cream. After using that product I was hooked on this brand! I decided to try out the Jan Marini Skin Research Skin Care Management System! Jan Marini Skin Research is one of the most respected brands in professional skin care. I’ve been using this system over the past month and I am more than impressed. It’s an easy 5 step care system. I love a step system because I know that I am using the products in the correct order.

The step system includes:

1. Cleanse - Bioglycolic Face Cleanser - which gently cleans and exfoliates the skin. I use this in the morning and evening-  a clean palette for makeup in the morning, and a clean palette for moisturizing at night.

2. Rejuvenate – C-Esta- Serum- This Serum lifts, firms and tightens the appearance of facial fine lines with Vitamin C and DMAE for powerful free-radical protection. I rub this serum all the way down my neck at night time.

3. Resurface - Bioclear Face Lotion- A powerful combination of benefits for dramatically smoother, clearer, more luminous looking skin. This stuff gives you the glow! This product has really worked in evening out my skin tone. This may be a little harsh at first, so I only used this in the morning for the first week. I never had redness or burning from this product as I have from other serums like this.

4. Hydrate – Transformation Face Cream. This step really makes me feel like my skin is drinking water and really absorbing the moisture it needs after every long day.

5. Protect – Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 33.   This fan favorite combines water-resistant protection from the sun with oil control and advanced hydration. I use this step when I know I will be outside in the sun for most of the day. I love to feel protected from harmful Uv rays, because I know that's is what causes wrinkles.

I’ve been using other skin care routines for the past year, and I can honestly say that this system is paramount to every other system I've used.  You won't see results after a day of use, but I’m sure you will be amazed after a month. I'm starting to get a little self-conscience about the lines and wrinkles in my neck. I applied these serums to my neck as well, and I found it much firmer after only one month.

My favorite product is the Step 4 Hydrate serum.  After using this system, my skin was an evener tone, and more full of moisture.

I see the reason why this product wins awards year after year.

Need some of your own? Enter Jan Marini's Fall National Event Raffle for a chance to win FREE products each week and learn more about promotions and savings at events near you here: And stay tuned for the next giveaway with Jan Marini.

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The Perfect Pair


Chicwish Amiable Attraction Crochet A-Lined Knit Dress  | J. Crew Factory Heels | Chicwish Feeling of Warmth Faux Fur Longline Coat | Sunglasses

I’m so incredibly obsessed with this outfit by Chicwish. This dress is chic, yet very comfortable. The material is a stretchy sweater-like material. It fits perfectly. (I am wearing a Small). The sweater dress is being reintroduced this season into our wardrobes as a fall and winter staple. Most sweater dresses are are oversized and cozy, but this one is so much more. It’s fitted, stylish and comfy at the same time. The crochet lines add the perfect detail.

How about this gorgeous fur coat? It pairs perfectly with the knit dress for a monochromatic look. It’s so easy to style. Not only can you dress it up with a dress like mine, but try it with leggings and sneakers, or skinny jeans. I can’t wait to dress it down.

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2 Ways to Wear the Leopard Midi


Chicwish Leopard Midi Skirt | HM T-shirt with Appliqué | HM Pink Pumps | J. Crew Pearls | J. Crew Chambray Shirt | Forever 21 Leather Jacket

I’m sorry, but I’m not the kind of women who only wears something once after I buy it. I like clothes that I can really get a bang for my buck. Pieces such as this Chicwish Leopard Print Skirt are extremely versatile, and can be worn many ways. Timeless pieces like this one will be the staples of your wardrobe. Mix it up a bit and make it worth the investment.

With this skirt, I sampled two opposite ends of the fashion spectrum. My first look with the leopard skirt is a more edgy rockstar look. On the other hand, with look two, I styled the leopard skirt with classy and feminine characteristics in mind. This leopard midi will undoubtedly go with almost anything in your wardrobe. Plus, the flowey knee-length skirt is an easy summer to autumn transition piece. It’s a wardrobe must have!

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Love God, Love People, Leave a Legacy

Hi everyone! Last weekend was a whirlwind! I was afforded the opportunity to speak at my church, Chatom United Methodist Church as the Lay Speaker for Laity Sunday.

I had a lot of people say they wish they could have heard my “sermon” so I decided to share it. I would love to read your comments and hear your thoughts. Please enjoy.

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LBD: The Lacey Black Dress


Chicwich Sweet Destiny Tiered Crochet Mesh Dress in Black | Kate Spade Heels Similar here, and here | Heart Sunglasses | Michael Kors Cindy Bag

I have an obsession with lace! Not just lace, but black lace is a sexy and sweet combination. This Chichwish crochet tiered dress is one of my new favorites! I love the long nude illusion sleeves. I have a couple of wedding events coming up that this would be perfect for. The classic style of the black lace dress is perfect for those women who want to create an ultra chic but edgy look. It’s sophisticated and an evening appropriate look. I am wearing a small.

PS. my sunglasses are only $8.00!

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5 Ways To Wear the Herringbone Vest


I know that the herringbone vest has been popular in the past, but I think it’s a classic and will continue to be the number one vest for years! I have worn this vest for 2 seasons past, and I will continue wearing it for countless seasons to come!

I can wear this vest with almost very outfit! It’s one of those accent pieces that pairs well with literally anything- plaids, solids, prints, stripes…. The vest looks great no matter what I wear. I started thinking about wearing it over the weekend, hence this inspired blog post. Come on chilly air!

The herringbone vest is incredibly versatile! There are millions ways to wear it. It always just pulls an outfit together. You can find one of your own below for only $27 from Amazon. Mine is from J. Crew Factory.

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My 5th Year Mobile Fashion Week Experience


As I look back on 5 years at Mobile Fashion Week, I am so honored to be a part of this event. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been doing this blogging thing for 5 years now!  Not only has it given me the opportunity to dress in the most outrageous outfits, but it has also given me a network of some great contacts, and friends that will last a lifetime.

I can't believe the first year of Mobile Fashion Week I was one of the featured bloggers. That was one of my favorite years! I won a free place to stay in a hotel in downtown Mobile. I went to both shows on two nights and blogged all of the greatness.

This was the first year that I actually did not go out and purchase a dress.  As hard as that was, I had this beautiful dress sitting in my closet from a New Year's Eve prior that I never got to wear.  I thought it would be absolutely perfect to wear to the event. It's shiny, it’s loud, and it makes a statement. What more could you want for fashion show attire ? I've got many similar dresses linked at the bottom of this post.

Nonetheless, I’ve always had a fabulous time at Mobile Fashion Week and this year was no different. It always seems like each year gets better, and I can honestly say that this year was the BEST show I've ever been to.

I finally made a blogger bestie Christy from The Bay Blonde, and she was able to go with me to the show. I left Orange Beach around 2 pm. I  went to her house for some cocktails and catching up. Then we headed out to Fashion Week at the Fort. As always, we were treated like royalty with front row seats and VIP tickets.  We even got to the after party later on that night.


Before the show started, I got to reconnect with all my friends including some of my favorite photographers, Frank Lee Roberts,  Jeff Byrd, and Larrah Melissa. Larrah was the very first photographer that I started working with as a fashion blogger. I got to reconnect with some of my designer friends, Megan from Mermania, and Brad from William Bradley.  Christy and I connected with a new blogger at our seats, Ember Langley who will be blogging from Paris this year. That was really cool.

I finally got to meet Sarah Levey from the Southern Atelier blog.  I’ve followed Sarah since the beginning, and I finally got to meet her in person. She was THE best dressed at Mobile Fashion Week. Her dress was by Destani Hoffman.  It was a stunner! Christy and I chowed down on mac and cheese and some heavy hors-d'oeuvres provided by Sylvia’s before the show. The drinks from Sylvia's were amazing as well.

Not to mention I got to see some brands that I've worked with in the past Maho Shades and Lotus Boutique. The teams from each of these businesses are so sweet, and I just love them so much.  Christy also introduced me to L + F Clothing Boutique.


 Pictured below are some of my favorite looks from some of the shows.


This look is from Sarah Elise. She's from Fairhope - my favorite place in the whole wide world. She's so young to be this good, only in her teens guys! This dress was stunningly beautiful. It reminded me of the French Country. Obsessed is the word! I just couldn't believe the detail in her work.  Sarah Elise Terral, you will go far! I LOVED your show!


Mermania is always one of my favorite lines. You know I love swimsuits.  Maybe it is because I live at the beach I’m so drawn to her swimmies? Her work is absolutely amazing. I just wish I had the booty buns to wear the cheeky stuff.  I also love that she donates a portion of her profits to the manatees. Megan always slays Mobile Fashion Week. One of my most favorite swimsuits I’ve ever worn was one of her Periwinkle high-waisted two-piece suits.  Nobody can beat her swim line.


And last but not least, I always have to say something about William Bradley.  We actually went to the same high school and grew up together. I just think it's so cool that two people from the same small, one red light town, have such a passion for fashion and who have just fought for their dreams. You may know him as Bradley, but I know him as Brad. Brad also runs the line Color Garb. He designs costumes for Color Guard teams across the nation. It's such a great business concept, and I wish him and Rodney nothing but the best on their endeavors and life.  

Bradley’s line at Mobile Fashion Week was out of this world.  It reminded me of old Hollywood glamour and Elizabeth Taylor, which both are style inspirations for me and my blog.

I really can't say enough about this venue. It was so beautiful with the buildings in the background and the night sky above us. It was absolutely amazing.

The show was incredible. The models were great.


I want to thank everybody who made this night possible. I know a lot of work and planning went into this night.  Most importantly, I'd like to thank Richard McGill Hamilton for pulling off this amazing charity event, for always including me, and making me feel like blogger royalty.

The most important part of the night is that Mobile Fashion Week donates a portion of their profits to Camp Rap a Hope which helps kids with cancer. It's not just a fashion show, it's people coming to together for a cause- Fashion with a Cause! Fashion brings people together and that's what it’s all about.

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The Red Effect: It's Banana!


Hi everyone! Don’t we all live such fast pace busy life? I know for me, with a full time job and a full time blog, I barely have time to breath!

We all want the experience and to not miss any thing! Moreover, no matter how fast and unpredictable life can get, we need an outfit for all the occasions that life throws at us.

Banana Republic brings a fresh approach to your wardrobe. A working, fast paced life, closet capitalizes on the minimal approach. Banana Republic’s creations are just that! They offer the perfect pieces that you can keep wearing for years to come.  These pieces are just down right classic. You can wear each piece so many ways for so many occasions.

Besides the wonderful fact that it’s red (and also comes in black), this BR jumpsuit was designed for a life in motion! You can bet this outfit will not hold me back when I’m on the move! This jumpsuit from Banana Republic is extremely modern! I love the classiness about it. The first time I wore this was to my friend’s wedding shower at church. Then I wore it to my other friend’s wedding and out to drinks with the girls. I had so many people compliment me on it, and ask where it was from. Since this jumpsuit was designed for an ever-changing life, I am planning on wearing it to many future events and travels. I’ve also got a bachelorette party coming up, and I think it may also be the perfect occasion for this suit.

Banana Republic presents an extremely classic wardrobe that will help you explore all stages of the day .. and life for that matter. For example, I think stepping into such a bold color jumpsuit like this one, gives you the confidence to tackle the day, the conference call, the meeting, the presentation, the sidewalk,  the girls night out,  and even the date night. You know it’s a winner if you can wear it from work to dinner.

Thank you Banana Republic for this AMAZING outfit!


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Paws-itively Smart Food for your Pet: Purina ONE® SmartBlend

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PurinaONEPets #CollectiveBias


Interested in trying the 28 day challenge? Hover over the photo to click through to Target to shop these products!

Hey guys! Exciting news, this month my Yorkie pup Oliver and I were honored to partner with Purina ONE! For the past couple of weeks, Oliver has been eating and loving his new Purina ONE SmartBlend Lamb & Rice Adult Dry Dog Food ! In the past, we have bought the True Instinct Formula with Real Turkey & Venison Dog Food from Purina ONE. I was highly impressed then, but now I see why this brand is incomparable!

Oliver is a senior dog. He is 11 years old, going on 12 in April. I’ve had him since the summer before my senior year in high school! He’s been with me through some really hard times, break-ups, tornados, college finals, and the list goes on and on... He was once my only college roommate. He’s taken care of me, so now it’s time for me to take care of him! I want to take the best steps to maintain his health for the remainder of his life.

Purina ONE products come in formulas for all life stages, so Oliver, with the help of his mom, took the 28 day challenge with Purina ONE SmartBlend Lamb & Rice Adult Dry Dog Food. Dogs can really see (literally) what a difference the 28 days can make! I can see the difference too! Did you know that eight out of ten dogs owners reported a visible difference after using this food for 28 days?

Here’s how our 28 day Purina ONE challenge went:


    • Starting with my dog’s first full bowl of Purina ONE, I could see more excitement around mealtime. It’s like he could already feel the tastiness after just one bowl. Thanks to the crunchy bites and tender, meaty morsels that help keep them coming back meal after meal. Oliver loves meal time even more now and spins circles when I get out this bag of food.


    • The SmartBlend of nutrition in every bag helps support your dog’s health. I could tell that Oliver had more energy and wanted to play more than often. He is so funny, because out of every bowl, he will eat all of the meaty bites first. I think they are his favorite! He eats more and plays more.


    • Purina ONE formulas are easy to digest and promote high nutrient absorption, so more nutrition goes to work inside your dog. (*excluding Healthy Weight Formula). Oliver somehow just seems like he feels better than before we started the challenge.


    • Supported by omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins & minerals, Oliver’s eyes are more clear and his coat is nice and silky. Oliver’s eyes were starting to get cloudy before Purina ONE. I am so glad we found this formula!

      By the end of the month, I could see extremely positive changes in his overall health! It was like my pup had found the fountain of youth!

      There were highly visible signs of healthiness I saw in Oliver after using Purina ONE, including bright eyes, healthy skin and coat, and much more energy. Not to mention healthy digestion. We had no problems with potty time after being on this food for just over 15 days.

      I think this food is wonderful for my senior pooch because EVERY ingredient has a purpose for his health!

TAKE THE PURINA ONE® 28-DAY CHALLENGE! You could see a difference in your dog in just 28 days when you make the switch to Purina ONE!

Where can I buy Purina ONE?

Oliver and I went shopping for Purina One at Target, one of my FAVORITE stores! The shopping experience was so fun. Who doesn’t love Target? I usually go there for one or two things and end up leaving with lots more! You know it’s true. I just love the fact that I can get my dog’s favorite food at my favorite store. Don’t worry there is also a Purina ONE SmartBlend for Cats too!

Lucky for my readers, you can start the 28 day challenge easily now because Target has some great deals and promotions going on right now!

  • 5% off + free shipping when you subscribe to Purina ONE® at Target

  • Sign up now to get a $3 off coupon and a personalized food recommendation for your pet

  • Print a coupon from 9/19-10-13: FREE $5 Target GiftCard™ with a Purina pet food, litter, and/or treats purchase of $25 or more on right now for Purina One!


  • 9/23 - 9/29 - Buy 2 bags of Purina ONE® Dry Dog Food and get a $5 Target GiftCard

I know that Oliver and I will never be switching foods again. After the transformation I’ve witnessed in my dog, I know the high quality nutrition of Purina ONE will help support your dog's immune system for years to come! The results speak for itself. Purina ONE is dedicated to all of our pet’s lifelong potential. I don’t know about you, but I want my dog Oliver to live a healthy life as long as possible.

My dog Oliver is a Purina ONE Pet and your's can be one too!

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Four Years of Mobile Fashion Week Looks

It’s that time a year again! FASHION WEEK is upon us. Since I was unable to attend NYFW last week, I am thrilled to be back at Mobile Fashion Week next weekend! On September 22nd, Mobile will take on it’s own Fashion Week by storm at the Fort of Colonial Mobile! I am so excited for the new venue! If you’re local or would love to make the drive (believe me, it’s worth it), head on over to their website and purchase your tickets for a fun night out with the girls! Heck, even bring the hubby! I dragged Lance to Birmingham Fashion Week one year, and he was actually really impressed. We had a good time.

What does my blog have to do with fashion shows you ask? Bloggers attend fashion shows to create awareness for new trends and new brands! We also can create buzz about the shows and build up anticipation. But fashion week for bloggers isn't just about going to shows, it’s about networking with the fashion industry; other bloggers, designers, marketers, and photographers, etc.

I have been so blessed to have attended and blogged about MOBFW for four years in a row. Here’s a look back at all my outfits from four years past.

Let’s go!







What will I wear this year?

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Leopard Love for Fall


Express Ripped Jeans | Black Blazer Similar | Michael Kors Sandal Similar | Karen Walker Sunglasses | Tory Burch Bag Similar | Leopard Top Similar |

To kick off my birthday week, I’m wearing leopard! Leopard print is my fall floral! Leopard print is so easy to style with crisp black or white bottoms and statements kicks.

I feel so much more productive when I actually dress up on a Monday. This is a dressed up rendition of a leopard top. Trade out the ripped jeans for a more sleek pant if you want to wear to the office. My jeans are linked as exact from Express. I love their jeans! Express is one of the few brands where the jeans fit me perfectly. That’s a big deal when you have a small butt! Hah! I especially love the mid-waist jeans. Have a great Monday guys!

From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.


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Wearing White After Labor Day?


White Blazer SimilarDenim Shorts | Booties Similar | Tory Burch Bag Similar | Maui Jim Sunglasses  | Denim Shirt

As a true Southern woman, I have been told many times by all close female friends,  my grandmothers and mother that you cannot wear white after Labor Day. I think this may have been a southern tradition passed down by many generations. "Don't get out the white until Easter!"

However, I think the times are changing! It's September, but it's still 90 degrees outside! In Alabama, even though your calendar says it’s September, the weather outside still feels like July.
Especially in the South, it stays hotter longer and it doesn’t quite feel like autumn until
the last part of October. So, it’s only appropriate to throw on a pair of easy white skinny
jeans, knits, or a sundress before heading to outdoor activities. My thoughts are, if it feels like summer, then it’s probably safe to wear white.

Also, as fashion is evolving, white can truly be worn ALL THE TIME... if styled right.

Whether or not this is acceptable, this fashion debate has been going on for
hundreds of years. Millions of woman contemplate, “Am I going to look ridiculous if I
wear something white after Labor Day?” Furthermore, it is so difficult to not want to
wear the awesome white pants you got on sale last week or that long white maxi you
just found yesterday on its third markdown.

The SOLUTION is knowing how to style it right. Here are a few tips from me to help you
feel comfortable about wearing whites after Labor Day.

1. Stay away from white accessories.

You can have too much white in your outfit.
Remember it’s pre-fall not summer any more.

2.  Invest in Winter Whites!

 Skip the really white items. One shade off is best; for example, eggshell white, cream, and ivory are the way to go! (My blazer comes in
shades of white.)

3. The fabric is key.

Make sure the fabric is suitable for fall.
The weight of the white fabric is very important. Lightweight materials, like linen, chiffon,
eyelet, and charmeuse, are meant for pool parties and barbeques. Heavier materials,
like denim, khaki, and tweed are more suitable for the pre-fall time of year.

Wearing white this fall and winter CAN definitely work! If your outfit feels still super-summery, swap out accessories for low- rise booties and a leather jacket.

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Candice Brown Photography

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The Best Boot for Fall!


SAS Delaney Boot 

Hey everyone, and happy Friday!  When it comes down to the end of August and September, I'm looking for and wearing Fall transitional! This means I'm wearing a lot of boots with dresses,  shorts, and breaking out the jackets. Because it's actually still really HOT in Alabama, I need to stay cool, but stick with the season.

I have finally found one of the best boots for fall! The SAS Delaney Boot is one of the most universal boots I've ever come across in all my fashion expeditions. You can wear this boot so many ways! I love how this boot can give an edgy feel, but also a rugged feel with the right outfit. When I put these on, I instantly feel fearless!

With smooth Italian leather (yep I said ITALIAN LEATHER), the Delaney is THE go-to bootie for this fall's lavish style.

Stretchy gore panels make this boot easy to slip on and off. In my opinion, that's a big deal! I hate boots that take me minutes to get on and off! I can kick these off in less than 5 seconds. 

The soft padded insole feels like you are walking on air. Seriously, I wore these for the entire day last week, and never got a blister, nor did my feet ever hurt or catch a cramp. The Delaney design allows for lots of extra room for my toes. The tough, rugged outsole also gives you lots of traction.  If you know about the SAS brand, they really know how to to make the most durable shoes.  I have a feeling these will be on repeat... season after season after season. 

Thank you SAS Shoes for the complimentary shoes! Happy Fall Ya'll!!

From my closest to yours, thanks for stopping by.


Candice Brown Photography


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The Best Labor Day Party Idea

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 7.53.57 PM.png

My Macy's Picnic Set | Karen Walker Sunglasses | LOLEA 

End the summer on a high note with a Lolea Picnic!  It's a non-expensive and easy way to enjoy the day! A fun outdoor picnic is an easy party idea, which will help you stay relaxed while you entertain on your day off. 

 My favorite flavour for a summer spritzer is the Lolea Rose! I've even got my drinking it, and shes's a finicky wino. The Lolea brand has a sophisticated and stylish take on sangria made from Tempranillo grapes, hibiscus flower, and refreshing ginger natural flavours. The bottle is extra fashionable as well. Garnish with a hint of lemon, or better yet they recommend a hibiscus flower.  You can find Lolea Sangria and Rose at Fresh Market and Rouses. There are numbers 

Right now, Lolea is running a promotion on their website from now until Labor Day weekend. Use the code “LOLEAFREESHIPPING”  for free shipping. You might also want to try LOLEA organic N4 available on Lolea’s website! 

Thanks, Lolea for the delicious Rose and Sangria! My Labor Day picnic is now complete.

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Camo that Stands Out: Rules to Wearing Camo


Camo Tee |J. Crew White Shorts | Similar Booties | J. Crew Denim Shirt | Ray-Ban Tortoise Aviator | Belt

The point of wearing camo where I'm from is to blend in, but in the fashion world, it's
meant to stand out. Standing out can is always a good thing when you pull the look off
flawlessly. Camo can be risky. Which brings me to my thought, there are some do's and
don'ts in wearing camouflage.  Without looking like you just jumped out of a Destiny's
Child music video, here is a little guide to wearing camouflage.
1. NEVER wear camo with animal print.
When mixing animal print with camouflage, the thought of hunting a leopard is
unavoidable. We're not going on a safari, just making a fashion statement. Plus, both of
these types of prints are extremely busy when paired with each other.  Try solids, or
other geometric prints such as stripes but only in small doses.
2. Denim goes with everything, even camo.
 Try to avoid a super ripped jean if you're not going for the edgiest look.
3. Add Color
Camo obviously looks great with neutral colors such as white, black and tan, but it can
also pair great with some bold colors, and pastels. If you have a mainly pastel outfit,
add a hint of camo for an edgy feel.
4. Go Naked
Not really, but show a little skin. It shows the feminity. I chose to pair this tee with mini
white denim shorts.
5. Head to Toe? NO!
 If you're wearing camouflage from head to toe, I'm going to automatically think you're going
hunting in the woods. Enough said...
6. Accessorize, Accessorize!
The more bling the better. Camouflage can be very masculine. That is why we have
to pair it well with lots of feminine flairs.  I don't have on much bling with this outfit, but I
paired it with my open toe heels and my white shorts to contrast the masculinity.
Statement necklaces and big bold bracelets are great!

I hope this helps you to be confident enough to stand out in camo!
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Why Everyone Needs the Target REDcard


Because Target is like a casino, you lose track of time and money. So, I was very reluctant to open yet another store credit card in my name. They always get you with the points,  but here's the catch- with Target there's a debit card option! The Target REDcard does NOT have to be a credit card! However, there is a credit card option if that's more your style. Target offers both debit and credit cards.

 I can pay with the REDcard at Target stores or online and get 5% off EVERYTHING, EVERYTIME. With the Target REDcard debit option, I pay with the REDcard and then two days later it debits my personal banking account- just as if I were swiping my debit card in the first place... AND I get 5% off. I like this option because I don't have the chance to go crazy with a credit card, I get 5% off, and I budget out of my personal bank account. 

Also, by being a REDcard member, I get exclusive deals and early access. You can also combine your extra 5% off with the Cartwheel App! So use the Cartwheel App to save 5-50% on hundreds of items in stores & save an EXTRA 5% when you pay with your REDcard.

I even get a Starbucks discount! Let me repeat, Starbucks discount! I save 5% when I use my REDcard at any in-store Starbucks location. 

I can track all my purchases (even in-store & online ) through my REDcard account!

Benefits of the Target REDcard

  • 5% off EVERY purchase
  • Free shipping at (no minimum purchase)
  • 30 extra days for extended returns
  • Early access to select events, products and promotions 
  • REDcard holders can easily review past statements, check their debit card transaction history and manage their PIN through their online account.
  • Exclusive offers available only to REDcard holders-extras, including special items, gifts and offers 

I love my RED debit card and I use it all the time without having to use credit at Target! Click the link below and start saving, because who doesn't love Target?

From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.