VIIcode Skin Care Review


Hey gals, I know I’ve talked about this before, but in my late 20’s I am becoming super skin care obsessed. I want the best of the best when it comes to keeping my skin looking younger, because oh my gosh, I’m almost 30! What?

I could kick myself for all those days I went to the beach or was outside and I wouldn’t use sunscreen. Even just the minimal times that I did, I can see the impact that is has on my skin-uneven tones, early wrinkles, etc..  The time of night when wash my face and start caring for my skin, I could spend hours in the bathroom. It’s a new obsession. To me, good skin is the base to good makeup and all beauty looks.

VIIcode Skin Care could not have  reached out to me at a better time!

I was recently at a photoshoot where the makeup artist stated that the skin around my eyes was extremely dry, which can make your undereyes look darker and start the set of early wrinkles.

When VIIcode said their company specialized in eye creams, I thought about the attention I show to the skin around eyes, and it was most certain that I had not been caring for them enough. The skin under and around our eyes is the most sensitive skin on our face and can be damaged very easily. I wanted to take this opportunity to start caring for my skin around my eyes better.

Over the past month and a half, I have been using VIIcode T2 under and around my eyes every night before bed.  VIIcode is an oxygen eye cream that moisturizes and helps eliminate wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. I am telling you when I was amazed, I was amazed! The cream itself is thick and rich, yet, it has an airy and lightweight texture.  The smell is also really great. Normally, I have irritation, like burning, with other eye creams as my skin around my eyes is extremely sensitive, but VIIcode did not cause irritation.

What's more? The cream is alcohol-free and safe to use with pretty much every skin type, even with the most sensitive ones!

I have learned through this process that the key of this eye cream is that VIICode T2 uses “a stone mortar extraction process", which “facilitates the healing and regeneration of damaged skin cells near the eyes by protecting this delicate area of the face and by fading away the first visible signs of aging.” It has been absolutely great to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. When I put it on, my skin feels like it’s instantly drinking water and getting hydrated. I am now fighting against dark circles, bags, wrinkles, crow's feet with the help of VIIcode T2!

All the ingredients, which include avocado, elderberry, primrose extracts, and some natural antioxidants. These ingredients put together help boost blood circulation around the eye,  smooths wrinkles, and helps maintain glowing, younger skin

The VIIcode T2 Routine:

I like to do a lot of my skincare routine at night before bed. I feel like the products stay on my skin longer and it really gives me a clean slate to work with other than immediately piling makeup up on top. Overnight my skin has 7 hours to drink up and hydrate!

However, you can use this cream more than twice a day. It’s up to you how frequently you want to apply and how fast you want to see results. Every night, I cleanse my face as normal.  I use toners and then micellar water around my eyes to get the stubborn eye makeup off. After making sure my skin is squeaky clean, and there is no makeup residue, I gently massage VIIcode T2 oxygen eye cream onto the skin around my eyes.  I let it set in a couple of minutes and then go around it with my other face serums for my forehead, cheeks, and chin. I then go to bed with the most hydrated skin. My makeup even goes on better now that my eyes are getting the hydration they need. The natural elements in this cream have been essential in transforming my skin into my younger self.

Thank you so much VIIcode for sending this eye cream for a review. It could not have come at a better time.  This review was definitely a winner. My skin care routine has been changed for the better.

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Designer VS. Amazon Designer Dupes

Good afternoon! I am so happy to catch up on here while we are off for Mardi Gras for a couple of days. I don’t know about you, but here lately, while trying to save money on my fashion finds because of building a house, I have relied heavily on Amazon Fashion. It has actually NEVER disappointed me. I will start off by saying that this post is not in anyway sponsored. I am just giving you my true thoughts, and want to help you look fabulous while not breaking the bank.

Here’s what I found…..

This necklace was created by a famous designer and was not selling for under $200.00 This is an exact dupe above and is ONLY $10.00

Designer: Tularosa's Claudia from Revolve

Top: $68.00

Bottom: $86.00

Total: $154.00

Celine Bag


I hope these Amazon finds have amazed you!
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Bow Flows


Chicwish Bowknot Knit Top | J.crew Skirt Similar | Marc Fisher Over-the-Knee Boots

There is something so classic about a bowknot top. Gals, the bowknot collars are not just for men! This one from Chicwish, really pulls the entire look together. It’s my new favorite sweater top. I paired this top with a knee boots and and corduroy skirt. I think that the solid, dark background is the perfect landscape to try something new such as wearing a bowtie or bowknot scarf for women. Gucci has made this really popular in recent months. (Similar)

If you are a reader of my blog, you know I love preppy looks. The collar blouse and a neat ribbon bow tie around the neckline is the perfect accessory for an elegant, classic look.

Execute the masculine/feminine look perfectly with a bowknot collar. This look is timeless and has been around for years! What a wonderful additional staple piece to add to your fashionista wardrobe.

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Candice Brown Photography

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Sweater Dress Chic


Chicwish Sweater Dress | Marc Fisher Knee Boots | Quay Sunglasses

Put a spin on your normal sweater routine and go with a sweater dress. I love a good sweater dress in the winter! It’s one and done! The one stop shop! Sweater dresses keep you warm, plus they are highly chic. This one from Chicwish is just that! Pair them with a some knee boots like me for the perfect ensemble. Boots are probably the most classic combination. You can even try layering with a trench coat or jacket. Go the extra mile and try to mix textures too! Top your sweater with a faux fur coat or leather jacket to add a dimension to your overall look. Can you wear it with tights? Definitely Yes! Go bare legged? For Sure! There are many ways to wear.

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Candice Brown Photography

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Similar Sweater Dresses

The Perfect Valentine's Dress


Chicwish Bowknot Tweed Dress | Kate Spade Heels Similar | Heart Sunglasses

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start prepping with the perfect outfit! Thousands of women want a new outfit for the most romantic day of the year, but finding that perfect look can be tough and intimidating. I know you can’t go wrong with a little black dress on Valentine’s, but give me all the pink, please! Around this time of year, I go over board with the reds and pinks!

Regardless of your relationship status, or your V-Day plans, this Chicwish Bowknot tweed dress is sure to stand out and make you feel your best! It the epitome of the perfect Valentine’s Dress.

It adds the proper preppiness to a Galantine’s dinner or a Valentine’s Date. It surely is a glam, fun, and flirty look. The bowknot collar is the perfect touch on some extra sparkle, and makes you feel extra special. The bowknot tie is actually removable as well if you would like to try it on other dresses. Don’t forget a pair of stylish pumps to finish off the glam look. The fit of this dress is to a “T” and is so classy. I am wearing a small.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! All you need is love.. and a really great dress!

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Candice Brown Photography

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A Gal-entine's Gift Guide with Macy's


Good Afternoon everyone. I hope you are having a great Sunday! I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away! With all the pinks and reds, I love this holiday. Needless to say I am a hopeless romantic and I love to spread the love. I just die every time when I see the seen from Sex and the City when Carrie and Miranda are eating dinner for Valentine’s Day with the balloons and balloon strings everywhere! What a dream date!

With all the V-day feels, I am so excited to share with you that I’ve partnered with Macy’s to bring you the Ultimate “Galentine’s” Gift Guide- gifts for you, your girl, your man, your besties, and more!

Macy’s is the one-stop shop for all your loves, babe!

Last year, when Lance and I lived in Birmingham, I shopped at Macy’s in-store at the Riverchase Galleria location all the time! It was one of my favorite places to shop in store. You can earnestly check everyone off your list in one visit. I aways had great experiences there. I do miss shopping there in person; however, sometimes I would rather shop online in my pjs on the couch. Am I right?

Delightedly, Macy’s gifted me a fun online shop! THANK YOU Macy’s!!!! I’ve looked over their entire website for the past week and have found the best and cutest products for some perfect Galentine’s Gift guides! I’ve chosen some of my favorite products below.

So grab a glass of wine, your gal pal, and start scrolling. The shopping experience with Macy’s online is exciting, easy, and just as fun! Macy’s online has literally every tab you can think of, for locating the products you are looking for with ease.

Comment below and let me know your favorites to help me make my final purchase. Oh and did I mention, they are have a HUGE Winter sale!

What products give you goo-go eyes? I hope you gals really love this list!

Something for YOU

For Date Night

For the Besties

For the Glam Girl

For the LUXE Lover

For Him

For the Bag Lady

For the Kitchen Queen

For Bundling Up your Babe

For a Sexy Soiree

And Everything Else

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A Timeless Layer


Chicwish Coat | H&M Top | J. Crew Heels Similar | Michael Kors Bag | Quay Sunglasses | J. Crew Factory Pants

Even though I live in South Alabama and it is only cold for about three months, I LOVE the “classicness”of a wool coat. It’s actually one of those pieces I have collected over the years.

There is something so timeless about this layer. This wool blend coat in sand from Chicwish is the perfect wintry accessory. I love that I can really amp up a simplistic outfit with this outwear. It is exceptionally light weight, but warm as well! I can also picture myself dressing this coat down with some boyfriend jeans and sneakers. The sand color will also match nearly everything in your closet. If you are looking for a great coat that is not solely used for warmth, this is it- the perfect layering accessory for your winter outfit.

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Valentine's Gift Guide for Yo Man!

Need some V-day gift ideas for your special someone? Take the stress out of the searching and look no further than right here in the Armoire! Romance your husband, boyfriend, or significant other with these manly man gift ideas.

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The Ultimate V-Day Gift Guide for Her

From the prettiest pj’s, to the latest must-have jewelry and It-worthy statement bags, oh and don’t forget the wine and chocolate, these are the very BEST Valentine's Day gifts to give EVERY stylish woman in your life !

…Or for yourself! Make it a V-day or Me-day, the choice is yours.

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Morrell's Amazon Winter Picks

Ok gals, believe it or not, I have started shopping for my clothes on Amazon, A LOT. It’s my go-to online store now for clothes. I have found some of the same clothes, shoes, and accessories that other stores offer, but at a much more affordable price. We are trying to be better with our spending while we build our dream house and get ready for the mortgage. I love finding these great deals on the cutest clothes.

Here are some of my winter must-haves from Amazon:

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Nature Box: Effective Beauty Care

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TryNatureBoxBeauty #NatureBoxBeauty #CollectiveBias


There I was, awakened with a loud thump as I laid on the operating bed. My husband by my side, he had my results...

Last March, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I have never actually come out and talked about this on my blog...until now. Unwilling to accept my fate, I started vigorously researching natural ways of healing. We live in a world of synthetic, plastic, constructed, unsatisfactory products that we consume daily without blinking an eye. There are numerous products on the market, that are fabricated, artificial deplorable products that are all, in turn, waisting ourselves and our world away. Since this life-changing diagnosis, I have made severe life changes to my diet and consumable products.

I now eat organic and use much more natural products. Not only does using natural products improve your overall health, but it also helps improve the environment. Artificial products have a negative effect on our earth. A lot of these products are chemical heavy, which can be released on to your skin, and even into the environment.

From personal experience, I see the importance of natural products in today's artificial world. I started supporting farm to table and now I highly support farm to face! I know the importance of good skin care going into my 30’s next year. Most of what you put on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream, that’s why it's so healthy to use natural products. I stand behind products that are natural and are good for you and the environment. 

Nature Box™is a new hair and skin beauty product line that combines effective beauty care with cold pressed oils and certain sustainably-sourced ingredients. I have been using Nature Box™ 100% Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for Hair hydration and Nature Box™ 100% Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil and Nature Box™ 100% Avocado Oil for my skin. My hair is hydrated, moisturized, and really feels bouncy and fresh. My skin is nourished and hydrated too. I am moisturized all day without reapplication or feeling greasy! Nature Box™ also comes in 100% Cold Pressed Almond Oil and 100% Cold Pressed Apricot Oil.


What are cold pressed oils you ask? Don’t worry, I had the same questions. I had actually never heard of it until I started using Nature Box™, but this is a process that started many years ago. Cold pressing has existed for ages and it's known to be one of the best methods to extract oils from fruits and nuts. Want to learn more about cold pressing? Check out their video here or keep reading.

Nature Box™’s five product lines feature oils extracted from the heart of fruits and nuts by cold pressing. Cold pressing oils involves exerting pressure, without using excessive heat, so that the natural oils are released from the ingredients. Cold pressing involves no chemicals and no hot processes. Yes, I said NO CHEMICALS! The cold pressed oils in Nature Box™ products are neither refined nor processed. Nature Box™ products are made with 100% cold pressed oil from coconuts, avocados, apricots, almonds, and macadamia nuts. They are made from 100% cold pressed oil! All the nutrients and antioxidants are preserved after cold pressing. Nature Box™ formulas with cold pressed oils leave a delicate, non-greasy silk over your hair and skin. These oils provide moisture and nourishment to your entire body. With all day long smooth skin, and shiny hair, these products couldn’t make me happier. Plus, I do not have to feel guilty of harsh chemicals. I am reassured that these products are good for my health and good for the environment. With five lines featuring cold pressed oils, Nature Box™ hair and body care products are vegan, and many are created without sulfates, silicones, parabens, and artificial colorants. 

Nature Box™ ingredients are even packaged and labeled to encourage consumer recycling. Furthermore, this is a company that gives back! I love companies who have a mission and philanthropy. Promoting sustainability, Nature Box™ has worked in India and Nigeria to help Farmer's harvest Guar and palm oil which are some of the ingredients in Nature Box™. These result in job stability! 


I shopped for these products from one of my favorite places, One of my favorite things to do is to visit my favorite coffee shop, have a cup of espresso, and surf Amazon. Nature Box™ very easy to find on Amazon and it ships for free if you have Prime! Just visit your Amazon account and search “Nature Box™ Shampoo and Conditioner” or “Nature Box™ Lotion and Hand Cream”. I found my products within seconds for a good re-order. See you in two-days Prime Order! Nature Box™ can also be found at Rite Aid Stores .


There are countless pros for going organic and all natural with your consumables. The benefits are immeasurable. Stick to the basics and reap the benefits. I really believe your overall health will improve.


I encourage you to make changes to your beauty routine and go to ALL nat-ur-al. There are not only benefits to your skin, hair and overall health, but it’s great for the environment as well. Give back health to yourself and the world. 

From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.


Candice Brown Photography


Statement Sleeves


Chicwish Pure Pleasure Smock Top with Tiered Flare Sleeves in Ivory | J. Crew Skirt Similar | Tory Burch Bag Similar | Marc Fisher Boots

Ever heard of statement sleeves? You just did! This top from Chicwish is tailored perfectly for effortlessly chic style. Always remember that in fashion, opposites attract. So when the sleeves are the statement piece, you want to go simple and basic on the bottom. The sleek mini skirt is a perfect pair for this ruffle sleeve top. It hugs your figure, which does not compete with the powerful statement sleeves. I wouldn’t wear a statement sleeve top with anything that flares on the bottom. Style a pair that works beautifully together. My skirt is from J.crew Factory; however, this is dupe from Red Dress is almost exact.

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20 Ways to Kick the Winter Blues


Here it is again. The Winter Blues are upon us. The stretch of time after Christmas that we always feel down and depressed throughout the remainder of the winter months. It makes for a nice Holiday Hangover, huh? Because these feelings always seemed to pop up around the same time every year, I started reading about this online. There is actually a thing called SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

“This is a type of depression that comes and goes with the seasons, typically starting in the late fall and early winter and going away during the spring and summer. Depressive episodes linked to the summer can occur, but are much less common than winter episodes of SAD.”

I first found these anxious/ sad feelings in college, especially before fall finals.  The stress of finals combined with cold, dreary, dark, weather is not a good combination. I was normally ok after finals until Christmas, but when Christmas was over, my mood plummeted. I guess it has a lot to do with the Holiday Hype being over- being around friends and family, presents, eating, all of it is over until the next year.  That’s not a good feeling. Then it gets worse. We have to resume our lives and go back to work. January also does not offer the best weather either. I feel like 80% of this month has already been cold, dark, dreary, and rainy days.

It’s not my favorite time of year; however, I know these feelings of sadness and anxiousness can be combated if we take the right approach this Winter.

Here are some things that have helped me fight the Winter Blues….

  1. Wear bright colors.

     I know there has to be some correlation between bright beautiful colors and your feelings. Making myself wearing some of my favorite bright colors have always helped me conquer the day.  

  2. Get some Vitamin D.

    There are not many sunny days in January, but when there is one, go outside and take a walk or just sit and soak it in.

  3. Take a walk.

    Breath in some fresh air and move your body. Walking also gives you time to relax and clear your head.

  4. Hang out with positive people.

     As easy as it may be to curl up alone with Netflix in bed, being around friends that support you will really do you well. I always feel better after I hang out with my friends and get things off my chest. Just to have someone listen will help tremendously.

  5. Exercising.

    I’m not going to lie, it’s sometimes really hard for me to exercise, especially when I am alone. When I need to blow off steam, walking works great for me, and Yoga has changed my life. If I don't have a yoga class scheduled, I will pull up a couple of stress relief yoga classes on Youtube.

  6. Play Music.

    Good upbeat music that I love always makes me feel better. I love sad slow songs but I try and stay away during these months.

  7. Help Others.

    One AMAZING thing about my job is I get to help students every day with their future. Giving back always makes you feel good inside. Volunteer at a shelter, or give your time to a school. I bet if you reach out to the right person,  they can use you in more ways than you know. Giving back really increases my overall life satisfaction.

  8. Eat Healthier.

    Did you know that some foods can actually affect your mood. Don’t eat crap foods like sweets.

  9. Brighten the environment.

    Letting the light in can really improve your mood. Pull back the curtains, open the blinds, let the light shine.

  10. Get up at a decent hour.

    For some reason, If I oversleep into 9 and 10 am on the weekends, I actually feel much worse. Sometimes I even feel more tired after sleeping in. Waking up earlier might feel bad at the time, but it will help you get your day started, and you feel more energized throughout the day.

  11. Get up, Get dressed.

    It’s easy to stay in my Pj’s all day, but getting up, putting on makeup, and fixing my hair, gives me a sense of readiness to conquer tasks on my to-do list.

  12. Clean-up and Clean-out.

    Cleaning is actually relaxing to me and kind-of therapeutic. This may not be the case for you, but I do know that if you spend a little time organizing an cleaning out that cluttered closet, it will make you feel much more relaxed and happier after the task is done. Clutter can make us anxious. Free yourself from the extras that you don't need. Donating some items will intensify your happiness.

  13. Get out of town.

    Sometimes just a change of scenery can do wonders. Book a mini weekend va-cay with your husband or friends.

  14. Take Long Hot Baths.

    With bath bombs, face masks, and a glass of wine to unwind.

  15. Try some essential oils.

    I’ve used some of these from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Breathing in the relaxing oils will help you with the winter anxiousness and help foster healthy sleep.  

  16. Write.

    Writing in a journal is a helpful way to release tension. It doesn’t matter what you write about, just put down whatever comes to the tip of your pen.

  17. Practice Meditation.

    Not only full meditation, but just having a full hour of quiet time in the morning can help with your thoughts and mindfulness. I love the time in the morning when I’m alone and putting on my makeup. It the first time of the day when I can clear my thoughts, then think about how I can prepare for the day that lies ahead.

  18. Don’t spend a lot of time scrolling through Social Media.

    Social Media has made it, sometimes, hard be thankful for what you are and what you have. We now can instantly see intimately into each person’s life ..if shared...And everything is shared these days! Feeling down or sad about something is easy to do when you constantly compare yourself to others.No wonder many people may find themselves depressed.

  19. Visit your favorite places in town.

    Get out and get going. My favorite pace to visit in my town is one of my favorite coffee shops. It’s very comforting for me to visit there, grab an espresso and just chill. Maybe your place is the book store. Visiting things that are near and dear to your heart helps.

  20. Express Gratitude.

    This one is my absolute favorite. I  have learned that with Gratitude comes Happiness! To be grateful or not to be grateful for what we have, is our choice. Happiness is a choice. We are in charge of our lives and we can decide to live as we want. I look around at my family, my husband, we are alive and well and that’s just one thing to be thankful for. Just. Appreciate. Everything. Something that has helped in the past was writing down at least 3 things you’re grateful for every morning. Before long, you’ll have more things to appreciate that you can count. You’ll be more positive on a day to day basis and start exude a high frequency to the universe! Now is the time to interrupt your anxiety with gratitude, because today I AM THANKFUL!

Thanks for visiting and reading everyone. I really hope that this will help someone who is going through the Winter Blues.

From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.


A Velvet Moment


Chicwish Midnight Blue Velvet Wrap Dress | J.Crew Factory Sparkle Heels | Similar Necklace |

Whether you like the trend or not, velvet is back! We once thought that velvet had gone away, never to come back with the nineties, BUT it’s come back, and even stronger than ever. Worn by royalty in years prior, velvet has been seen on this year’s runways and blogger’s street style photos. With Chicwish’s velvet wrap dress, I found it extremely easy adding this luxurious fabric back into the everyday rotation. The cut of this wrap dress keeps me feeling fancy. PS It’s on sale today!

If you’re still uneasy about how to wear this textured material, here are some ideas:

If worn correctly, velvet really has the potential to look elegant, sophisticated, and fancy. I think the deeper the shade, the fancier. This midnight blue turns a regular dress into a stunning velvet fashion moment! Black velvet is a classic go-to shade too. Don’t be afraid to play around in the accessories either. Accessories like this gold chain can add the perfect touch of sparkle to the muted, matte velvet material.

Wear velvet this holiday season and have your moment, girl!

From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.


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Seven Reasons Why You Need a Midi Skirt for the Holiday Season!

DSC_0586 (1).jpg

Chichwish Green Midi | Quay Sunglasses | Similar Heels | Similar Pearl Necklace | Smashbox Lipstick | Express Top | Similar Earrings

Aahhhh! I cannot believe that the holidays are here! Christmas time is always so much fun and such a great excuse to get all dolled up, and you know I love any excuse to get dressed up. I used to think midi skirts were too long and made me look much older; however, I have seen the light! Now, I can’t imagine dress-up holiday looks without the midi. This Chiciwish Midi is the perfect piece for your holiday soirée. The emerald color is mesmerizing. I could see myself wearing this on Christmas Eve, on Christmas Day or to a holiday party.

Here are some reasons why you need a midi skirt RIGHT NOW:

  1. Midi’s go with everything! Dress it up with a nice blouse. Dress it down with a graphic tee or sweater and sneakers.

  2. They hug your waist and accentuate your figure… especially this A-line cut.

  3. They are sleek, stylish, and turn heads. You are sure the stand out in this one from Chicwish!

  4. They are comfortable. Believe me!

  5. They make everything you wear feel fancy.

  6. Midi’s are classic. They remind me of 50’s and 60’s fashion, which were some of the best fashion years… in my option.

  7. This is such an easy style to wear at this time of year. It bares the perfect amount of ankle.

    Will you be wearing the midi this Holiday Season?

    From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.


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Holiday Barbie with Chicwish

DSC_0142 (1).jpg
DSC_0070 (2).jpg

This two-piece pink sweater set from Chicwish is making me feel all “ Glam Barbie” for the holidays and I’m loving it! It’s one of those outfits that make you feel like you can conquer anything! I’m getting Chanel vibes as well from the detailed gold buttons and the bling bowknot collar! It’s a very classy look, but it’s also extremely comfortable and easy to wear. I could wear this all day and never want to take it off. This look is also immensely elegant! I am wearing a small for reference and it fits perfectly. It’s ideal for a holiday party, or event. If you’re not a fan of pink, Chicwish also offers this set in white. Happy Monday gals!

From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.


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Holiday Gift Guide: 50 Gifts for $100 and Under

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