Camo that Stands Out: Rules to Wearing Camo


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The point of wearing camo where I'm from is to blend in, but in the fashion world, it's
meant to stand out. Standing out can is always a good thing when you pull the look off
flawlessly. Camo can be risky. Which brings me to my thought, there are some do's and
don'ts in wearing camouflage.  Without looking like you just jumped out of a Destiny's
Child music video, here is a little guide to wearing camouflage.
1. NEVER wear camo with animal print.
When mixing animal print with camouflage, the thought of hunting a leopard is
unavoidable. We're not going on a safari, just making a fashion statement. Plus, both of
these types of prints are extremely busy when paired with each other.  Try solids, or
other geometric prints such as stripes but only in small doses.
2. Denim goes with everything, even camo.
 Try to avoid a super ripped jean if you're not going for the edgiest look.
3. Add Color
Camo obviously looks great with neutral colors such as white, black and tan, but it can
also pair great with some bold colors, and pastels. If you have a mainly pastel outfit,
add a hint of camo for an edgy feel.
4. Go Naked
Not really, but show a little skin. It shows the feminity. I chose to pair this tee with mini
white denim shorts.
5. Head to Toe? NO!
 If you're wearing camouflage from head to toe, I'm going to automatically think you're going
hunting in the woods. Enough said...
6. Accessorize, Accessorize!
The more bling the better. Camouflage can be very masculine. That is why we have
to pair it well with lots of feminine flairs.  I don't have on much bling with this outfit, but I
paired it with my open toe heels and my white shorts to contrast the masculinity.
Statement necklaces and big bold bracelets are great!

I hope this helps you to be confident enough to stand out in camo!
From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.

Candice Brown Photography

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