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There I was, awakened with a loud thump as I laid on the operating bed. My husband by my side, he had my results...

Last March, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I have never actually come out and talked about this on my blog...until now. Unwilling to accept my fate, I started vigorously researching natural ways of healing. We live in a world of synthetic, plastic, constructed, unsatisfactory products that we consume daily without blinking an eye. There are numerous products on the market, that are fabricated, artificial deplorable products that are all, in turn, waisting ourselves and our world away. Since this life-changing diagnosis, I have made severe life changes to my diet and consumable products.

I now eat organic and use much more natural products. Not only does using natural products improve your overall health, but it also helps improve the environment. Artificial products have a negative effect on our earth. A lot of these products are chemical heavy, which can be released on to your skin, and even into the environment.

From personal experience, I see the importance of natural products in today's artificial world. I started supporting farm to table and now I highly support farm to face! I know the importance of good skin care going into my 30’s next year. Most of what you put on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream, that’s why it's so healthy to use natural products. I stand behind products that are natural and are good for you and the environment. 

Nature Box™is a new hair and skin beauty product line that combines effective beauty care with cold pressed oils and certain sustainably-sourced ingredients. I have been using Nature Box™ 100% Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for Hair hydration and Nature Box™ 100% Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil and Nature Box™ 100% Avocado Oil for my skin. My hair is hydrated, moisturized, and really feels bouncy and fresh. My skin is nourished and hydrated too. I am moisturized all day without reapplication or feeling greasy! Nature Box™ also comes in 100% Cold Pressed Almond Oil and 100% Cold Pressed Apricot Oil.


What are cold pressed oils you ask? Don’t worry, I had the same questions. I had actually never heard of it until I started using Nature Box™, but this is a process that started many years ago. Cold pressing has existed for ages and it's known to be one of the best methods to extract oils from fruits and nuts. Want to learn more about cold pressing? Check out their video here or keep reading.

Nature Box™’s five product lines feature oils extracted from the heart of fruits and nuts by cold pressing. Cold pressing oils involves exerting pressure, without using excessive heat, so that the natural oils are released from the ingredients. Cold pressing involves no chemicals and no hot processes. Yes, I said NO CHEMICALS! The cold pressed oils in Nature Box™ products are neither refined nor processed. Nature Box™ products are made with 100% cold pressed oil from coconuts, avocados, apricots, almonds, and macadamia nuts. They are made from 100% cold pressed oil! All the nutrients and antioxidants are preserved after cold pressing. Nature Box™ formulas with cold pressed oils leave a delicate, non-greasy silk over your hair and skin. These oils provide moisture and nourishment to your entire body. With all day long smooth skin, and shiny hair, these products couldn’t make me happier. Plus, I do not have to feel guilty of harsh chemicals. I am reassured that these products are good for my health and good for the environment. With five lines featuring cold pressed oils, Nature Box™ hair and body care products are vegan, and many are created without sulfates, silicones, parabens, and artificial colorants. 

Nature Box™ ingredients are even packaged and labeled to encourage consumer recycling. Furthermore, this is a company that gives back! I love companies who have a mission and philanthropy. Promoting sustainability, Nature Box™ has worked in India and Nigeria to help Farmer's harvest Guar and palm oil which are some of the ingredients in Nature Box™. These result in job stability! 


I shopped for these products from one of my favorite places, One of my favorite things to do is to visit my favorite coffee shop, have a cup of espresso, and surf Amazon. Nature Box™ very easy to find on Amazon and it ships for free if you have Prime! Just visit your Amazon account and search “Nature Box™ Shampoo and Conditioner” or “Nature Box™ Lotion and Hand Cream”. I found my products within seconds for a good re-order. See you in two-days Prime Order! Nature Box™ can also be found at Rite Aid Stores .


There are countless pros for going organic and all natural with your consumables. The benefits are immeasurable. Stick to the basics and reap the benefits. I really believe your overall health will improve.


I encourage you to make changes to your beauty routine and go to ALL nat-ur-al. There are not only benefits to your skin, hair and overall health, but it’s great for the environment as well. Give back health to yourself and the world. 

From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.


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