My 5th Year Mobile Fashion Week Experience


As I look back on 5 years at Mobile Fashion Week, I am so honored to be a part of this event. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been doing this blogging thing for 5 years now!  Not only has it given me the opportunity to dress in the most outrageous outfits, but it has also given me a network of some great contacts, and friends that will last a lifetime.

I can't believe the first year of Mobile Fashion Week I was one of the featured bloggers. That was one of my favorite years! I won a free place to stay in a hotel in downtown Mobile. I went to both shows on two nights and blogged all of the greatness.

This was the first year that I actually did not go out and purchase a dress.  As hard as that was, I had this beautiful dress sitting in my closet from a New Year's Eve prior that I never got to wear.  I thought it would be absolutely perfect to wear to the event. It's shiny, it’s loud, and it makes a statement. What more could you want for fashion show attire ? I've got many similar dresses linked at the bottom of this post.

Nonetheless, I’ve always had a fabulous time at Mobile Fashion Week and this year was no different. It always seems like each year gets better, and I can honestly say that this year was the BEST show I've ever been to.

I finally made a blogger bestie Christy from The Bay Blonde, and she was able to go with me to the show. I left Orange Beach around 2 pm. I  went to her house for some cocktails and catching up. Then we headed out to Fashion Week at the Fort. As always, we were treated like royalty with front row seats and VIP tickets.  We even got to the after party later on that night.


Before the show started, I got to reconnect with all my friends including some of my favorite photographers, Frank Lee Roberts,  Jeff Byrd, and Larrah Melissa. Larrah was the very first photographer that I started working with as a fashion blogger. I got to reconnect with some of my designer friends, Megan from Mermania, and Brad from William Bradley.  Christy and I connected with a new blogger at our seats, Ember Langley who will be blogging from Paris this year. That was really cool.

I finally got to meet Sarah Levey from the Southern Atelier blog.  I’ve followed Sarah since the beginning, and I finally got to meet her in person. She was THE best dressed at Mobile Fashion Week. Her dress was by Destani Hoffman.  It was a stunner! Christy and I chowed down on mac and cheese and some heavy hors-d'oeuvres provided by Sylvia’s before the show. The drinks from Sylvia's were amazing as well.

Not to mention I got to see some brands that I've worked with in the past Maho Shades and Lotus Boutique. The teams from each of these businesses are so sweet, and I just love them so much.  Christy also introduced me to L + F Clothing Boutique.


 Pictured below are some of my favorite looks from some of the shows.


This look is from Sarah Elise. She's from Fairhope - my favorite place in the whole wide world. She's so young to be this good, only in her teens guys! This dress was stunningly beautiful. It reminded me of the French Country. Obsessed is the word! I just couldn't believe the detail in her work.  Sarah Elise Terral, you will go far! I LOVED your show!


Mermania is always one of my favorite lines. You know I love swimsuits.  Maybe it is because I live at the beach I’m so drawn to her swimmies? Her work is absolutely amazing. I just wish I had the booty buns to wear the cheeky stuff.  I also love that she donates a portion of her profits to the manatees. Megan always slays Mobile Fashion Week. One of my most favorite swimsuits I’ve ever worn was one of her Periwinkle high-waisted two-piece suits.  Nobody can beat her swim line.


And last but not least, I always have to say something about William Bradley.  We actually went to the same high school and grew up together. I just think it's so cool that two people from the same small, one red light town, have such a passion for fashion and who have just fought for their dreams. You may know him as Bradley, but I know him as Brad. Brad also runs the line Color Garb. He designs costumes for Color Guard teams across the nation. It's such a great business concept, and I wish him and Rodney nothing but the best on their endeavors and life.  

Bradley’s line at Mobile Fashion Week was out of this world.  It reminded me of old Hollywood glamour and Elizabeth Taylor, which both are style inspirations for me and my blog.

I really can't say enough about this venue. It was so beautiful with the buildings in the background and the night sky above us. It was absolutely amazing.

The show was incredible. The models were great.


I want to thank everybody who made this night possible. I know a lot of work and planning went into this night.  Most importantly, I'd like to thank Richard McGill Hamilton for pulling off this amazing charity event, for always including me, and making me feel like blogger royalty.

The most important part of the night is that Mobile Fashion Week donates a portion of their profits to Camp Rap a Hope which helps kids with cancer. It's not just a fashion show, it's people coming to together for a cause- Fashion with a Cause! Fashion brings people together and that's what it’s all about.

From my closet to yours, Thanks for stopping by.


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