4 Easy Ways To Wear the Silk Scarf

Ladies, the 50’s scarf is back and bigger than ever this spring and summer. The silk scarf is the number one accessory of the season! From endless hair accessories, wrapping it around your bag, and sprucing up your outfit game, a silk scarf is the ultimate versatile accessory of all time!

Here are a couple of classic ways to wear your new scarf!

  1. Headband

    With the scarf rolled, tie into a knot at the crown of your head and give yourself the cutest bunny ears. Rosie the Riveter just got a make-over!


2. Around the neck

Roll your scarf diagonally, wrap once around your neck with the ends facing back, loop and tie loosely on one side. This is the perfect way to class up a blazer or dress.


3. Bag Accessory

Tie it in a knot around the strap of your bag for the perfect pop pf color.


4. Pony Tie

Tie it in a knot around your pony for a colorful hair accessory, sure to turns heads. If you're an entry level scarf wearer, try this easy look. Reach for a long, skinny silk scarf if you want to tie it in a bow.

You can even wrap this look around a bun for a fun look.


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From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.


Candice Brown Photography