Get A Grip


This collaboration with Kenra came at the perfect time! With all this rain and humidity in the south, it's hard to keep a nice up-do. Kenra's Grip Collection  has brought me the next level of texture! This combination is a perfect rotation of airy, lightweight styling and finishing products that provide definition and all over volume.

The Whip Grip Mousse 9 provides a light hold, a matte finish and helps you build foundation and volume in your hair with its airy, whipped formula. It's more like a mousse. I usually don't wear mousse, because my hair is so thin, but this product left my hair feeling pretty airy and lighter than most mousse formulas.

 The Air Grip Spray 5 provides a flexible hold, a matte finish and more grip in an ultra-light formula. For additional texture and grip  to your curls, you can layer the product onto your hair first. I use it before I start to style. It also makes cool waves when you scrunch it with your hands. 

High Grip Spray 20 provides a great hold, and a  matte finish. This hair spray is more "powdery" than most; however, I really like the texture it leaves.  It's high definition in an ultra-lightweight formula.  

 For someone like me who is somewhat amateur at hair styling, this is perfect for experimenting with different looks. My hair is naturally thin and straight as a board, so I use these products before, between and after I curl my hair with a wand or curling iron. 

Before styling, my hair was washed and was air dried the night before. I brushed it out with some help from It's a 10. The next morning, I applied the  Kenra Whip Grip Mousse, using more on my ends for curls. It was not crunchy, like most mousse formulas make my hair. I  was going for big hollywood curls for a date night look. I then used the Kenra Air Grip Spray and sprayed it all over my hair to help with texture and holding curl. I curled all my hair, did a hair flip, and sprayed all over with Kenra High Grip Spray to seal the deal. It was the perfect combination and it held up all day and night, even in the humidity. .

Sponsored by Kenra and Brandbracker

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