Ulta Haul

Hey Everyone! How are you all liking the new site and store? 

I made an Ultra store haul a couple of weeks ago to try out some new products. Here's the run-down:

0. Tarte Amazonian Clay Highlighter: 5 Stars! I am always looking for the perfect highlighter, and the one takes the cake. I have been using Becca in Pearl but I think I like the natural tone of this one. The bronzy shade gives you a very natural glow. I love it and will be using this product all the time. Plus it smells amazing.

1. St. Tropez Tanning Oil: 4 Stars. I can't lie, I like this product better than the Rodan and Fields brand of self-tanner. This oil is very nourishing to your skin and my legs felt really hydrated after one use. I felt like I had even put on lotion. This oil is also laced with a light shimmer sheen. Put it on before going out, and your legs will look sun kissed. It's perfect if you really want your skin to glow in the sunlight. Who doesn’t want to sparkle? I also like how the oil is tinted and you can see where you are actually rubbing it in. The application is not invisible like most tanning lotions and you can clearly see where the oil may streak. The oil can be a little sticky but did not stain any clothing.  However, I would still wait a while before putting on new clothing as you would with any other self-tanner.

2. Micellar Cleansing Water: 5 Stars! I use makeup cleaning wipes and I found so much residue left over from my wipes from this cleansing water. It really cleans and get all the stubborn makeup off. It never leaves my skin dry. It's kind of like a toner without the harshness.  My face felt extremely clean after use. 

3. It's a 10: 5 Stars! Seriously cannot live without this product.  The bottle says its benefits are....Instant detangling, Prevents breakage, Extends color treated hair, Adds shine, Weightless deep moisture, Heat protectant, and De-frizzes, and it really does all that and more. This is a must have to keep your hair healthy! I really love the detangling benefit! I use it EVERY DAY!

4. Not your Mother's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray: 4 Stars! For that beach wavey hair, I love this product. This spray is infused with natural dead sea salt and sea kelp.  I use this spray for tasseled waves. It works best for me when I don’t wash my hair for one day and I get more texture. It also smalls like coconuts. I

5. 24K Gold Crème Mask: 4 Stars. WOW just wow! This mask left my skin feeling rejuvenated and smooth. I felt like a queen with my face being bathed in 24k gold! I used this mask while soaking in a bath bomb. I have read reviews were this mask didn’t work well with women with sensitive skin.

6. Say Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Mask: 2 StarsThis mask was… ok. I don’t feel like I got any purifying results. The blackheads were still there. My skin did feel smoother after one use though.

7. Rock Bottom Baby Shock Therapy: 2 Stars:  My ends are damaged from dying my hair at the ends, so I wanted to try this. I was afraid that I had damaged my hair a little too much this past time I went to the salon. There are a couple of steps for using. You must brush hair to break bonds of any product on the hair. Spray shot onto your dry hair and comb through for even distribution. I only sprayed it to the ends of my hair because there is not a lot of product in the bottle.  You are then supposed to dry hair and flat iron as usual.  I didn’t have a flat iron so I used a hair dryer. I then took a shower styled my hair as usual. I didn’t really feel any difference in my hair.  My ends were a little smoother but I don’t know if it’s worth it.

 8. Too Faced Natural Eyes : 5 Stars! I am in love with really anything Too Faced. Their products have never let me down! This pallet is so smooth. It works great for those days you just want a matte finish, and also those days you are feeling a little frisky and want to break out the shimmer.

9. Not Your Mother's Beat the Heat: 4 Stars! This product was the hit of my Sister-in Law's wedding a couple of weekends ago. All the other bridesmaids were asking about the product and if they could borrow it. The smell is kind of hard to describe but it is amazing..and very strong.  After using, I can smell it down our hall and into the bedroom in my house. However, the smell lasts throughout the day in my hair. When I wear Beat the Heat,  I find myself smelling the ends of my hair periodically  throughout the day. I will never curl or put heat on my hair without this again. It really helps hold curl, and most importantly, it protects!

From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by!