Brighten Your Day!

If you know me , you know that I love the beach! I practically live at my parent's beach house in the summer. My mom has preached to me time and time again about wearing sunscreen, but aI hate to say, we don’t  always want to listen to our moms when we are young and headstrong. Later when we get older, and wiser,  we then learn that EVERYTHING they told us was true. I am only 27 now and I wear sunscreen on my face EVERY TIME i’m in the sun to prevent aging and sunspots. 
Unfortunately, after being addicted to the sun and tanning in my high school and college years, I do already have some sun damage on my face. For the past 4 weeks, I’ve been trying LUMAPRO-C: Brightening Pigment Corrector Serum by Hydropeptide. It safely fades existing dark spots, age spots, and inhibits future discoloration with the latest in drug-free technology. This facial serum is ideal for anyone wanting a brighter complexion while improving overall skin radiance. I can really tell a difference in the tone of my skin, and I can even recognize the aging improvements in just four shorts weeks.  The formula is very creamy with a very citrusy scent. I love the scent. It makes me feel more energized. I especially love it in the mornings. The scent really wakes me up.
Luma-C isn’t cheap. It retails for $148.00. That is a little expensive for the size of 1oz the bottle.  If you would like to try this brightening serum for yourself, here is a20% discount code to use on your LumaPro-C purchase, which makes it really affordable compared to other skin serums. Follow this link and use code BBLUMA20 to recieve 20% off your LumaPro-C purchase.
 I hope you like your results. 
From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.