Why You Should Do a Wedding Photography After Session

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Wow! I looked up, and it is almost two months since I took the plunge. It goes by so fast. As
you may know, I decided on a morning wedding with a brunch for the reception. For our
day, I wanted something different and out of the ordinary. I am still so happy that I
decided to go with the ten o'clock ceremony and brunch. The breakfast food was
amazing, the music was perfect, and my guests were ready for their afternoon naps by
2 p.m. Plus, Lance and I got to eat a romantic dinner, just the two of us on our wedding night. That never happens, right? There was only one problem with this morning wedding.. We were a little rushed the morning of the wedding for pictures. I ended up getting my hair done at 4:45 a.m. and my pictures with my bridesmaids started at seven. Since I knew we would be in a
crunch for time, I decided to add on a "Morning After" photography package. Our
session wasn't exactly the "morning after", but it did take place after the wedding was
I am extremely happy with these photos. I think that an After Photograpahy Session; is an excellent idea. Yes ladies, you can actually put on your wedding dress after the wedding. That reminds me, let me tell you why you should book an After Session...

1. You have an excuse to put on your wedding gown again.
Enough said.

2. You will not be stressed or nervous.
The wedding is over and all the pressure is lifted. You and your groom can really be
yourself, and you can really tell that in the pictures. You will be more relaxed knowing
that you have extra time. Wedding day is so special in itself, but you can take these
pictures without the extra butterflies and emotions. It's calm and relaxed. You won't be
worried about all the minute details either.

3. So what if your dress gets a little dirty?
That might have been the only thing I was worried about during my bridal sessions. In
those sessions, I stood still for the most part and my maid of honor carried my dress
everywhere and placed it very carefully on every surface. During the "morning after"
pictures I was able to move around more, and really get the shots I wanted without
worries of minor stains. I honestly kept my dress very clean, even with the setting we
were in.

4. The pictures can be taken in ANY kind of setting.
If you got married in your small home town but wanted a more metro vibe, you can have
that in your pictures. Any destination is possible. Plus, I'm sure your photographer would
love to get creative with the location.

5. Different times of the day are all options
Lighting is everything in a picture, so you can choose your favorite time of day with your
photographer. Sunrise, or sunset, it doesn't have to be the same time as your wedding.
I hope that was helpful. I love my After Session photos, and I can't wait to get them
framed. Your After Session is the perfect way to start your happily ever after...

From my wedding to yours, thanks for stopping by.


Aimee Reynolds Photography