The Perfect Valentine's Dress


Chicwish Bowknot Tweed Dress | Kate Spade Heels Similar | Heart Sunglasses

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start prepping with the perfect outfit! Thousands of women want a new outfit for the most romantic day of the year, but finding that perfect look can be tough and intimidating. I know you can’t go wrong with a little black dress on Valentine’s, but give me all the pink, please! Around this time of year, I go over board with the reds and pinks!

Regardless of your relationship status, or your V-Day plans, this Chicwish Bowknot tweed dress is sure to stand out and make you feel your best! It the epitome of the perfect Valentine’s Dress.

It adds the proper preppiness to a Galantine’s dinner or a Valentine’s Date. It surely is a glam, fun, and flirty look. The bowknot collar is the perfect touch on some extra sparkle, and makes you feel extra special. The bowknot tie is actually removable as well if you would like to try it on other dresses. Don’t forget a pair of stylish pumps to finish off the glam look. The fit of this dress is to a “T” and is so classy. I am wearing a small.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! All you need is love.. and a really great dress!

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Candice Brown Photography

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A Velvet Moment


Chicwish Midnight Blue Velvet Wrap Dress | J.Crew Factory Sparkle Heels | Similar Necklace |

Whether you like the trend or not, velvet is back! We once thought that velvet had gone away, never to come back with the nineties, BUT it’s come back, and even stronger than ever. Worn by royalty in years prior, velvet has been seen on this year’s runways and blogger’s street style photos. With Chicwish’s velvet wrap dress, I found it extremely easy adding this luxurious fabric back into the everyday rotation. The cut of this wrap dress keeps me feeling fancy. PS It’s on sale today!

If you’re still uneasy about how to wear this textured material, here are some ideas:

If worn correctly, velvet really has the potential to look elegant, sophisticated, and fancy. I think the deeper the shade, the fancier. This midnight blue turns a regular dress into a stunning velvet fashion moment! Black velvet is a classic go-to shade too. Don’t be afraid to play around in the accessories either. Accessories like this gold chain can add the perfect touch of sparkle to the muted, matte velvet material.

Wear velvet this holiday season and have your moment, girl!

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Seven Reasons Why You Need a Midi Skirt for the Holiday Season!

DSC_0586 (1).jpg

Chichwish Green Midi | Quay Sunglasses | Similar Heels | Similar Pearl Necklace | Smashbox Lipstick | Express Top | Similar Earrings

Aahhhh! I cannot believe that the holidays are here! Christmas time is always so much fun and such a great excuse to get all dolled up, and you know I love any excuse to get dressed up. I used to think midi skirts were too long and made me look much older; however, I have seen the light! Now, I can’t imagine dress-up holiday looks without the midi. This Chiciwish Midi is the perfect piece for your holiday soirée. The emerald color is mesmerizing. I could see myself wearing this on Christmas Eve, on Christmas Day or to a holiday party.

Here are some reasons why you need a midi skirt RIGHT NOW:

  1. Midi’s go with everything! Dress it up with a nice blouse. Dress it down with a graphic tee or sweater and sneakers.

  2. They hug your waist and accentuate your figure… especially this A-line cut.

  3. They are sleek, stylish, and turn heads. You are sure the stand out in this one from Chicwish!

  4. They are comfortable. Believe me!

  5. They make everything you wear feel fancy.

  6. Midi’s are classic. They remind me of 50’s and 60’s fashion, which were some of the best fashion years… in my option.

  7. This is such an easy style to wear at this time of year. It bares the perfect amount of ankle.

    Will you be wearing the midi this Holiday Season?

    From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.


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Holiday Barbie with Chicwish

DSC_0142 (1).jpg
DSC_0070 (2).jpg

This two-piece pink sweater set from Chicwish is making me feel all “ Glam Barbie” for the holidays and I’m loving it! It’s one of those outfits that make you feel like you can conquer anything! I’m getting Chanel vibes as well from the detailed gold buttons and the bling bowknot collar! It’s a very classy look, but it’s also extremely comfortable and easy to wear. I could wear this all day and never want to take it off. This look is also immensely elegant! I am wearing a small for reference and it fits perfectly. It’s ideal for a holiday party, or event. If you’re not a fan of pink, Chicwish also offers this set in white. Happy Monday gals!

From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.


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Ten Reasons Why You Need a Little Black Dress for the Holiday Season


We’re all getting ready to kick off the holiday season! Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us so show yourself a little love. It’s easy to love yourself when you feel and look your best.
Don’t know what to wear to family functions, or holiday events and you don’t want to wear the cliche red dress? Wear Black!
Here are ten reasons why the color black will always make your life easier.

1.Black is the New Black
Black isn’t going anywhere. It is always going to be the quintessential go-to, classic color in your
wardrobe. It will stay for years, even decades. Black is the color that sticks through every season.

2. There are endless possibilities of ways to dress it up
Be extravagant and pair it with a gold belt. Be bold and pair it with some converse or tennis shoes. Be classic and pair it with a colorful blazer. Be edgy and pair it with a leather jacket. Pair it with some polka dotted tights to put the visual on your legs. The possibilities are endless.

3. Black makes you look thinner
A monochromatic look hides detail! Wearing black actually hides or disguises  your body contour
from different types of lighting, It actually conceals creases and folds in your body better than any other color.

4. It doesn’t stain
Spilled your coffee? No problem. Just let it dry and carry on with your day. You will never see the effects of unfortunate mishaps. 

5. It always looks “dressed up”
No matter the occasion, If you’re wearing black, you will always look just a little more dressed up than usual. There’s something magical about this color. It has an endless glamorous effect. 

6. It’s Easy
When I don’t know what to wear, nine out of ten times, I’m going for something black. It’s actually trying with out trying at all. 

7. Color is surely to POP
When you pair a color with black, it it going to shout, scream, and yell look at me...even when you wear a bright nail polish or lipstick color. Whatever the accessory, it’s going to stand out extensively more than any other color combos. 

8. It doesn’t get old.
Kind of like that PB& J sandwich  I ate everyday in high school. I haven’t taken a bite out of it until a couple of weeks ago, literally 8 years later. I had gotten so tired of it. I can’t believe we took an eight year break. I forgot how much I missed that chewy goodness.
Colors can be the same way. You can overuse colors. Recently, I have a problem with turquoise. I am using pops of turquoise in my new house, and these days it is my favorite color to wear. I am deathly afraid I’ll be getting tired of it soon. What will my wardrobe become after that? 
Black is timeless. No one gets tired of black. It’s elegant. but at the same time it's simple. Is black even a color? “Black is  the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light. It is the opposite of white the combined spectrum of color or light. It is an achromatic color, literally a color without color or hue.” Maybe that is why it has a timeless, magical aura.

9. It makes you automatically fierce
There are certain studies that show most people associate the color black with confidence. Black means business. I don’t know about you, but when I put on my back blazer jacket, I feel like an automatic CEO. You’re hired!

10. You’re an instant Audrey Hepburn
Audrey is my style icon. You’ll be having Breakfast at Tiffany’s everyday with a black ensemble. There is nothing more fabulous, classic, and sophisticated than channeling your inner Hepburn with a LBD.

From my closet to yours, Thanks for stopping by.


Candice Brown Photography

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Make It Plaid, Please


H & M Sweater | J. Crew Plaid Skirt | Marc Fisher Over the Knee Boots | Tory Burch Bag Similar | Kate Spade Coat

  Shopping for plaid skirts that work for your can be a bit tricky. You want to find something that doesn't make you look like a 13 year old school girl or Brittany Spears in her famous "Baby One More Time" music video. No fear! There is a mature way to wear and style this skirt in a classy and sophisticated manner, because let's face it, the plaid skirt is not a trend, it's a staple. Shop for a plaid skirt you love!

This  J. Crew plaid skirt is almost knee length, A-line, and in a thicker fabric.  I love it because it's the perfect length. The pencil plaid skirts look fantastic with knee boots, ankle boots, or even stiletto pumps. These Marc Fisher boots are actually really comfortable and warm!

Try this look with a sleek black sweater like me.  Mine is only 20$ from H&M! Moreover, feel free to try this look with a sweatshirt, a blazer or jacket over.  You can even try flat ankle boots for a more grungy/Rock and Roll take on the plaid skirt.

When styling the plaid skirt, it is the shoes, the jackets and accessories that make all the outfit's style difference. Figure out what look you're going for first, and then start from the bottom with the shoe.

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Tis the Season to Sparkle


J. Crew Factory City Coat | J. Crew Plaid Blouse | J. Crew Sequin Skirt similar here, here, and    here | J.Crew Vest | BCBG Pumps Similar here, here and here | Karen Walker Sunglasses | Michael Kors Clutch Similar

I used to think that sequins were only for New Year's Eve. I was wrong! You can wear them to almost any occasion. The key is to dress them down just right. There are so many ways to incorporate them into your everyday outfits, not to mention the special occasions.  Teaming the with the appropriate tops and accessories is essential for pulling off a fashionable look. Today I am pairing my sequin skirt with a plaid blouse and a herringbone vest. The laid back plaid off sets the flashiness of the sequins, but also adds a festive touch on the outfit. You can even pair a sequin skirt with a graphic tee, or chambray blouse. 

From my closet to yours, thanks for stopping by.


Candice Brown Photography

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Got That Festive Feeling?


I LOVE Christmas and all the festive prints and plaids that go with it! Dress up your Christmas plaid or flannel with a tulle skirt!  Because of the ruggedness of the shirt, it pairs really well with the extra feminine tulle skirt. Remember opposites attract in fashion. Make it much more feminine by sashaying on your favorite pair of heels. I wore red heels to compliment the shirt. This look is super cute and chic and it’s super easy to pull off as well. It is the PERFECT look for a holiday party!  How many holiday parties are you attending this year?
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Happy Howlidays


Happy "Howlidays" from the Baxter's!

Since, last year was the year of our wedding, I sent out a wedding picture for our Christmas card that said "All is Married and Bright". So, this was our first year taking family Christmas photos. It has been a long crazy year with taking new jobs and moving twice, but we finally decided that this is where we want to grow our roots.

 We did our first family Christmas card by the old barn that sits on the land that our future home will be built.  I wanted a rustic and classy look but also very "Christmassy". I went with this festive plaid skirt and sweater from J. Crew.  The sweater is in stock but the skirt is unfortunately sold out for now. No fear, I've linked lots and lots of similars. It's easy to make the plaid skirt pop with a pair of red strappy heels! Well, got to run. There's lots of Christmas shopping to be done!

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